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Membership of our tipping service is...... Membership is now FREE!!

What you get for joining

We provide a tipping service advising which favoured horses we think are unlikely to win their race, allowing you to lay them to lose on the betting exchanges.  We aim to advise at least 10 lays every month. 

We'll also keep you posted on any important news we here about - we do pick up a lot of betting information from our various sources and contacts in the industry.

We now provide all our selections as "Server Tips" to members who are users of the Grey Horse Bot automatic betting application.  That means you just need to have the bot running and whenever we post a selection you 'll get the bet placed automatically at Betfair, no waiting around for emails no need to be sat at your computer all day.  Just get on with the rest of your life instead!!  The Grey Horse Bot even allows "paper trading" as well as automatic betting under the normal minimum 2 bet on Betfair so you can even try out our selections for little or no risk.

How to join

Gaining FREE membership of MakeMyLay.co.uk is dead easy.  Simply complete the form below with your name and email address, and we'll add you to our membership list.

By becoming a member of MakeMyLay.co.uk you agree to the terms and conditions listed here.