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Welcome to a new and exciting time for those of us who enjoy betting on horse racing.  Because of a recent revolution in the gambling industry, we can offer you betting advice with a difference – we tell you how to make money betting on horses to lose!!!   What's more - Membership is absolutely FREE!

We offer a tipping service with a difference – we don’t think you should be charged a fortune for our tips, so we don't charge you a penny to receive them, and we don’t think you should need a massive bank in order to make profits, so our selections do not require you to have a massive bank.  It’s only fair!

Betting on horses, or on a competitor in any sport, to lose is correctly termed laying.  This has been made possible by the arrival of betting exchanges such as Betfair and Betdaq, and it really has opened up an exciting range of possibilities for the punter.  When you lay a horse to lose a race you are accepting a stake from a backer at agreed odds.  If the horse loses you keep the stake, if the horse wins you must pay the backer his winnings from the agreed odds.  This is why laying is sometimes called “playing bookmaker”, although in reality a bookmaker lays all the outcomes of an event at odds that guarantee a profit margin for them.

You could be mistaken for thinking that selecting horses to lose a race would be easy and that you would have no need for a tipping service such as this.  In fact, it is an art form to regularly pick losers so that a consistent long-term profit can be achieved.  Any Tom, Dick, or Harry could pick 25/1 rank outsiders to lose a race but remember you have to pay out winnings at those odds should the horse win the race – that’s your  liability.  So imagine you picked 26 horses priced at 25/1 or above to lose in a particular month and 25 of them did indeed lose, as would be expected really.  That’s a 96% strike rate!  Ah, but that 26th horse won it’s race, meaning if you’d played at level stakes you’d have just lost all of your profit for the month.  Worse still, if that last horse was priced at say 33/1 instead of 25/1 you’re looking at a loss for the month.  What’s more, with the need to keep £1000’s in your Betfair account to cover the liability, successfully laying rank outsiders is reserved solely for high-rollers and lucky ones at that.  That’s why we need to be looking at laying more favoured horses to lose their races.

Two out of three race favourites regularly lose.  Fact.  Second favourites perform even worse.  Fact.  Take the biggest race of all, the Grand National, as an example.  Since 1980, there have only been a few occasions where the race favourite has won, a fairly recent example being Hedgehunter in 2005.  So you can expect success from laying favourites to lose races, and of course favourites also have far lower odds and therefore far lower liability.  This means regular punters can lay larger stakes and enjoy making good profits.  Furthermore, by homing in on the two-thirds of favourites that lose you can enjoy greater success and secure sensible long-term profits.  That’s where we come in.

We have developed quite the knack of finding favourites and second favourites that are highly likely to lose, whilst avoiding those horses that deserve to be highly fancied and will most likely win their races.  In reality, you have to consider why a horse is a favourite in the first place – it could be anything from the price paid for it to the celebrity status of the jockey.  And don’t forget that the volumes of money backing a horse can have an effect on the odds and whether it becomes a favourite – the volume of money backing a horse could be something as trivial as people “like the sound of the name”!  So we cut out all the trivia and focus solely on the statistics and the form of favoured horses only at races that are filtered through a rigorous selection process.  Then and only then do we advise our members of which horses to lay to lose; those that don't deserve to be so highly favoured given their form and ability compared to the rest of the field.

If you want to find out more about how laying and betting exchanges work then check out or FAQ section for all the answers you'll need.  If you want to know more about our tipping service then go to the join us page, where you will find details of how to join our membership for FREE.