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Everything you need to know about laying:

Please feel free to read through the frequently asked questions we have listed below, which should cover all your queries about laying, and the services that we offer.

What are decimal odds?

Decimal odds are a more simplistic form of displaying odds compared to the more traditional fractional form.  They are the odds used by betting exchanges and an increasing number of other internet bookmakers.  They allow the bettor to easily calculate their return no matter what the stake they are considering, as all you need do is multiple the stake by the odds.  For example, a 10 stake placed on an event at 2.00 in decimal odds would return 20 including the stake if successful.  You can convert fractional odds into decimal odds by dividing the first half of the fraction by the second half then adding 1.  For example, 5/2 would be 3.50 in decimal odds, and would return, including the stake, 35 from a successful 10 bet.

What is a Betting Exchange?

Betting exchanges have revolutionised betting in the last few years.  They are like the gambling equivalent of eBay, matching people who wish to bet for and bet against sporting events for an agreed amount of money at agreed odds.  If the bet wins then the bettor receives his winnings paid for by the person who bet against the event.  If the bet loses then the stake is kept by the person who accepted the bet.  The betting exchange itself, which automatically manages these trades, takes a small percentage of the winnings from the above two scenarios.  When a bettor and a layer have been automatically connected the bet is then officially "matched" for both parties.  The most successful and efficient betting exchanges, now multi-million pound companies, which we recommend you use are Betfair and Betdaq.

What is Laying?

Laying is what bookmakers have always done, that is they accept bets from people at agreed odds, paying out the winnings if the bet wins and keeping the stake if it doesn't.  This is what you can now do with a betting exchange, but unlike a bookmaker you can lay any one single competitor in any event without the need to offer odds for all competitors.  In a nutshell, that is what we do - we select horses to accept bets on because we think they are unlikely to win.  Every time they fail to win the race we keep the backers stake.

What is the liability of a lay bet?

The liability is the potential winnings you would have to pay to a backer should their bet be successful.  For example, a backer winning a 10 bet at 3.00 (2/1) would have received 30 back including his stake.  If you were the layer of that bet you would have had to payout 20 in winnings, the other 10 is the stake returned.  You must always have the funds to payout the potential liability, which is taken by the betting exchange until the bet is settled.  To calculate the liability you need to take the decimal odds minus 1 then multiply by the accepted stake.  For example, 4.50 - 1 = 3.50 multiplied by say 20 which equals 70.  Don't worry too much about calculating the liability as the betting exchanges automatically calculate it before you confirm your lay bet.

What sort of tipping service do you provide?

We provide a lay tipping service.  That is, we select highly favoured horses that we think are actually unlikely to win, which we suggest you lay (bet against) at a betting exchange.  You are provided with full instruction on how to place your lay bets at a betting exchange.

How do you select which horses will lose?

We cut through all the trivia regarding whether a horse is likely to win a race and concern ourselves with the real substance, the form of the horse, the ability of the horse, and the performance of the horse on the relevant going, course and distance.  We have a range of other selection criteria for the horses and the races themselves, but that would be telling if we elaborated any further!

What sort of races do you provide tips on?

We provide lay tips throughout the year at the various UK and Irish meetings, and very occasionally on major overseas races.  We consider all types of races and all types of courses - hurdles, flat, all-weather etc.

How do you guarantee making a profit?

If you're looking for a cast-iron guarantee of profits then you should not even consider venturing into betting and go and put your money in a savings account instead.  Whilst we stand by the success of our past results, we can not make any guarantees as to whether you will make a profit from our tips.  That said, we will gladly refund any paid membership fees for any losing month to members who were paid subscribers prior to the 10th of that losing month.  It's only fair!

When are tips sent to members?

In most cases we send out tips on early morning or if possible the evening before.  This gives everyone the opportunity to get their lay bet matched at the betting exchanges for the best possible odds.  It also gives people who work office hours the chance to place their lay tips either the night before, or in the morning before they go to work.  We will occasionally send out same day tips around late afternoon for evening meetings.  You can of course also receive our selections as server tips if you own the GHB betting bot - they're imported and placed automatically for you with no need to be sat at your computer.

Do you use SMS text messages to send tips out?

We do not currently send tips out by text message nor do we plan to add this feature in the near future.  We do, as stated above, send the majority of tips the day before giving all members ample opportunity to log on to their computer and place their lays.  You can of course also receive our selections as server tips if you own the GHB betting bot - they're imported and placed automatically for you with no need to be sat at your computer.

How much does your service cost?

This is a critical part of the service we offer.  To be honest, we are appalled that some internet tipsters are charging up to 200 per month for lay tips, which like our own share no cast iron guarantee of profit.  Our monthly subscription costs just 20 per month, which covers your introductory instructions and your monthly tips.   Website update - Full Membership is now FREE!

How many tips do you provide a month?

We aim to provide at least 10 lays tips per month.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, we offer a two week free trial which is a great opportunity for to find out how laying works and to see the for yourself the quality of the service we offer.  You have no obligation to continue with a paid subscription once the free trial has finished.  In short, the free trial will not cost you a penny.  Website update - Membership is now FREE!

Do I need a betting bank?

Yes, you will need a betting bank in order to make a profit from our lay tips and, as every site involved in betting advice should state, we would strongly advise that you only use money that you can afford to lose.

Do you advise a method to use when laying, and a staking plan?

We will give you advice on how to physically place your lay bets.  We also suggest some staking plans to use, the most suitable of which you should select to use yourself.

How much money could I make?

All profits made are an equal percentage of the money staked.  Therefore, you can make a profit with any size betting bank.  However, the amount of money you make is constrained by the size of your betting bank, whilst there will always be a finite amount of money available to be matched on the betting exchanges.  Please see our results page for an idea of potential profits you could make, adjusting the sample stakes for those that you would have placed yourself.

How do I join?

It's easy and simple to join our service by visiting our sign-up page.

How do I cancel my membership?

Just tell us and we'll cancel your membership and remove you from the tips distribution list.

How can I contact you with any queries I have?

Just send an e-mail to contactus@makemylay.co.uk.

Do you have a maximum number of members?

Yes we do.  We want to ensure that we protect the market liquidity of our selections so that everyone has an equal chance of placing their lay bets at sensible odds.  Therefore, we do restrict our membership numbers, so be quick to ensure you claim a membership space.

Where do you list your results?

You can find our all detailed previous results of our lay tips by clicking here.

Do you proof your results?

Yes, since August 2005 we have had all our UK meeting results proofed by the Tip Exchange internet service.  We hope to add a proofing service for any non-UK meeting results very shortly.

Can I join via Tip Exchange?

Yes you can join via Tip Exchange - just click on the link and you will find us listed under the Lay Tipsters.  Please note that whilst our service via Tip Exchange is also now completely free, you will only receive our tips from them at 11am on the day of racing rather than on the evening before.  However, joining via Tip Exchange if you have already used that website will allow you to receive our quality tips in a format you are used to.

Which betting exchanges do you recommend I join?

The only betting exchanges you should ever really need to join are Betfair and Betdaq.  You can conveniently join either of those exchanges by clicking on the banners below.

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